What's New

4 Feb 2022:

Launched brand new look Laikyfood Homemade All Natural Instant Noodles.  Same great taste and with bigger value.  Per box comes with 3 packs of 60g noodles (instead of previous 2 packs) retailing at the same price.  Check out our online stores. 

New Packaging Noodles.png

7 Feb 2022:

Introducing our new sauce product; Aroi Thai Chilli Sauce.  This new sauce is spicy, sweet and sour.  Great to use as a dipping sauce for your hotpot and mookata. This sauce can also be used for your steam fish.  Taste great! Each box comes with 5 sachets of 20g each. Check out our online stores. 

Aroi Thai Sauce.png

1 Jun 2022:

Introducing our new premium snack products; The Granola Snack.  Comes in 2 different types, either cube or bits and 2 different flavours (Original / Chocolate) for you to choose from.  The granola snack is a healthy snack that is high in fibre, crunchy and nutritious.  Try it today!

30 Jul 2022:

From the famous tea plantations in Sri Lanka, introducing 2 new quality tea; English Breakfast Tea and Earl Grey Tea.  Each box contains 25 sachets of individually packed tea bags.  Quality tea brought to you by OtarieVille.