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2 sachets in pack. 

Can serve 2-3 people. 

Fish curry (including fish head curry) taste great using this paste. 

Great to use for frying noodle and spaghetti too.  

Penang Fish Curry Paste (2 sachets in pack)

SKU: 9555819100041
  • - Produced from the freshest raw ingredients bought from the market

    - All the paste are cooked and ready to apply to any food

    - Every 50g of paste can use up to 300ml of water. Use lesser water if your food  such as prawns also contains water.

    - Cooking time of the paste is relatively shorter than others without compromising the quality of the taste.

    - Our paste can be used for multiple usage such as the folowing; marinate food, soup preparation, stir frying, preparation of fried rice and noodles, BBQ, preparation of gravy for food and etc.