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About Us


Laiky Pte Ltd (黎集缘食品私人有限公司) started with the vision of dishing home cooked food in MINUTES using ready to eat pastes . Hence, our co-founder, Mr Khoo  who makes authentic Penang pastes produced from the freshest ingredients came up with the idea of ready to eat pastes and most IMPORTANTLY, there must be NO preservatives. Thousands of customers have enjoyed cooking with his ready to eat pastes and dishing up authentic Penang cuisines in minutes at the comfort of their own home. 


Laiky, incorporated in 2015 was given exclusive rights to the pastes and our mission statement is to constantly INNOVATE and DELIGHT our customers. 


Our Core Values: 


L: IP- LICIOUS food products at value for money prices


A: UTHENTIC ingredients used to manufacture our products.


I: NNOVATIVE and produce delicious food products.


K: NOWLEDGE and experience to serve our customers. 


Y: UMMY and quality products are our TOP priority. 


After enjoying the success of our Penang pastes for the last 5 years, Laiky has also introduced our ¨Made in Singapore¨ chilli crab sauce, black pepper crab sauce and premium chilli sauce. These are complemented with ready to eat desserts and quality dried goods (peach gums, ginseng etc). The latest addition to our product mix will be the popular 3in1 white coffee (special recipe) and the vegan series of mushroom sourced directly from the farmers.


Laiky will have more quality and affordable products in the pipeline so follow us on Facebook! 


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