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Our roots dated back more than 20 years ago with our cofounder (Mr Khoo) started experimenting recipes for instant paste in Penang. The idea of “Cooking Made Simple” came about as people are spending more time in their work and careers, and having less time at home for meals. Unlike the olden days where most people will learn to cook and will spend time cooking the 3 important meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at home. 


With the successful experiment of developing the instant paste, Chopper Board (an eatery establishment) was setup in 1997 (in Penang). The paste are developed using the fresh ingredients bought from the market and without any preservatives. 


Chopper Board sells “fast” local delicacies such as curry noodles, tom yam noodles, black pepper chicken chop, the signature Chopper soup and many more using the “Cooking Made Simple” concept. Food are cooked and ready within minutes and they taste as good as you cook them at home. 


Laiky Pte Ltd was established in Singapore since 2015 to serve as a hub to market and distribute these quality instant paste and sauces to all our customers. Our first products launched are; Penang White Curry paste, Penang Prawn Noodle paste, Penang Tom Yam paste (TOP Seller), Chicken Curry paste, Meat Curry paste and Fish Curry paste. 


With our Mission and Objectives;

L: Looking to constantly provide LIP-SMACKING food products at value for money prices.


A: AUTHENTIC quality raw materials used to manufacture our products.


I: Continuous research and development to bring you INNOVATIVE and delicious food products.


K: Continuous learning and understanding to equip purselves with the KNOWLEDGE and experience to serve our customers. 


Y: YUMMY and quality products are our priority. 


Follow us for new quality products that we will be introducing in the near future. 

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