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Who We Are

Based on an idea of fast, easy to cook and is a local delicacy , we have successfully experimented and came up with a series of instant food paste.   With this paste, home delicacies such as prawn noodle, tom yam, fish curry and chicken curry can be prepared and ready to eat in minutes.  

Our Products

We are constantly sourcing and reviewing our products to ensure the products brought in are of quality and acceptable to our customers. Any product updates including new products launched  will made available in our website. Click here to check out What's New. 

Use PayNow

PayNow is now available as another mode of payment.  PayNow is an electronic fund transfer service that allows you to transfer money instantly to a payee, using the payee's FIN or UEN number or QR code instead of using bank account number.  Click below to scan our QR code to make payment via PayNow. 

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